For the young entrepreneurs and farmers in the field of agriculture, here are 10 great agribusiness ideas to venture into.

  • Fish farming

Rearing of fish is highly profitable. There is a huge demand for fish especially in the supermarkets and restaurants. They are a rich source of protein. Tilapia, Nile perch and catfish are the best to rear. They are preferred by consumers and highly adaptive for rearing. A kilo of fish goes for about Kshs.400-500.

  • Rearing of bulls

Bull meat is known for its good quality. Bulls have been reared for centuries especially in the ranches. They are high feed converters where they build muscle and meat within a short time. When feeding a bull well, it is possible to make a sale of as much as Kshs.50, 000-55,000 in a year.

  • Rabbit keeping

White meat from rabbits is highly nutritive and healthy. A mature and well fed rabbit can weigh between 3 and 5 kg. Currently, the price of 1 kg rabbit meat is Kshs. 500. In addition, the rabbit skin can also be sold for manufacture of shoes, thus nothing goes to waste.

  • Goat and sheep rearing

Keeping of goats and sheep is slightly affordable and highly profitable after a short period. They are cheap to maintain since they are not heavy feeders. Mutton meat from sheep and goats is very sweet thus its high demand. Wool and skin from sheep is also sold in the clothing industry creating another source of income. Goats can give you milk, skins and manure. Dairy goats produce milk which is highly nutritious. This tends to be more expensive in the shops than cows’ milk.

  • Pig farming

Pigs provide pork meat and are famous among farmers for their huge returns. Feeding pigs is not a major problem as they can feed almost on anything making them cheap to maintain. However, to realize good profits, choose the best pigs when introducing them in your farm. Of importance, put up a pig sty with a conducive environment. With these conditions in place wait up for good profits in due time.

  • Fresh juice processing and production

Make fresh juice by squeezing fruits. Only acquire a blender to mix the different fruit juices effectively to serve the needs of your customers and plastic containers to put the juice. With more people being aware of the need to stay healthy there is a greater preference of fruit juices to carbonated drinks. It could be very profitable if you use your farm fruits to make the juice.

  • Flower farming

Growing flowers requires high maintenance during production. You could deliver fresh flowers for interior decorations and to offices to earn an income. Flowers are always needed for aesthetic purposes in wedding parties which are a regular occurrence. The venture is highly profitable if you grow and supply your own flowers.

  • Bee keeping( apiculture)

This requires a minimal investment to acquire a bee hive since you can get it cheaply from a carpenter in your locality. The demand for honey is on the increase as it is a natural product which has medicinal properties. Starting cost is relatively low and the profits are satisfying.

  • Poultry farming

As a farmer you can concentrate in keeping layers for egg production or broilers for meat production. Current prices for eggs ranges from Kshs.10-20 while the price of 1kg of hen meat is Kshs. 500-600. A broiler can weigh 2-3kg.

  • Hatchery

With the increasing demand for chicken meat and eggs you could start a business of hatching eggs to supply one-day-old chicks to farmers. There are several methods applied in a hatchery which are cheap and effective.

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