[Video]Quit Your Job and Become A Farmer

10 Small Farm Ideas To Get You Started

(from Organic Farming to Chicken & Goats)

Want to quit your job and become a farmer? That is exactly what all these folks did. Are you thinking about starting a small-scale, urban or hobby farming business? Then this video has what you need to get started. 10 small farmers were interviewed to get their tips on:

– organic chicken farming;
– goat farming;
– cattle farming;
– worm farming for profit;
– organic vegetable farming;
– maple syrup farming;
– aquaculture fish farming;
– aquaponics;
– urban fruit tree farming.

Get inspired. Pick up some quick tips from these veteran small-scale farmers and relax as we take a quick trip into modern organic farming businesses across the United States.


Video Credits: YouTube.com | Dr. Tarrin P Lupo


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