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Profitable Farming – Adopt Hydroponics and Increase Production

Adopt Hydroponics and Maximize Production

hydroponicsIn the recent past, hydroponics farming technique has increasingly gained momentum among Kenyan farmers especially livestock farmers. Seemingly, the technology is a new innovation in the country though it has been in existence for more than 50 years globally. There are various ways in which the technology can be applied in agricultural production.

Livestock production

Livestock farmers are leveraging on this technology to produce high quality fodder for animal production. This is a cheaper and effective means of producing animal feed which proves to be expensive especially on large scale. Fodder produced using hydroponic technique is highly nutritious thus maximizing production of animals. Pigs, poultry, sheep and cattle can be raised using fodder produced using the technique.

Importance of hydroponic for livestock production

  • Increased efficiency in fodder production. The technique allows a farmer to produce 60 times more than growing in the soil.
  • Animal digestibility improves facilitating higher production in milk especially.
  • The fodder contains all the nutrients required to rear a healthy productive animal.
  • The technique has a short cycle period of 6-8 days enabling you to produce huge amounts of fodder enough for you animal and minimal space is used.

Vegetable production

hydroponic vegetables


Vegetables include cabbage, kales, capsicum, spinach, onion and lettuce. All these which are included in almost every meal taken by Kenyans can be produced using this farming technique. Hydroponics technology now allows the city dwellers to practices farming with the minimal space available in their door step. It will help you to produce enough vegetables for your family and the surplus can be sold to neighbors earning an income.

In production of vegetable the techniques is beneficial as there is minimal use of pesticide as no soil is involved. Again, there no time needed for weeding thus not time consuming. There are no turn around on planting season waiting for rain as no soil preparation is needed.

In both crops and animal production, obvious benefits are realized.

  • There is minimal use of water. It translates towards water conservation thus a sustainable form of agriculture.
  • No huge lands required to practice.
  • It is very easy to get rid of pest and diseases compared to conventional agriculture.


Animal production and crop production in Kenya in the past was highly dependent on soil. Due to agriculture intensification and excessive use of inorganic fertilizers the soils have lost fertility lowering productivity.

To save the situation a new technology that makes it possible to produce fodder and vegetable is now available saving farmers from the expenses incurred to protect plants from soil borne diseases and lack of nutrients during the growing period. The technology makes all these possible maximizing profits for farmers. Adopt hydroponics technology and you will never regret making that decision.

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