How to Start a Dairy Farm in Kenya

Management Tips for Dairy Farming That Will Transform Your Dairy Farming Venture Into a Highly Successful Business

dairy cattle farming in KenyaHave you ever asked yourself why the demand for milk in Kenya is so high? If you didn’t know, Kenyans are some of the highest consumers of milk in the continent. Dairy production is therefore, a profitable venture in the country. This article gives you tips on how to start a dairy farm that will enable you milk money from your dairy farming.

Want To Start A Dairy Farm but Have No Idea Of How To Go About It?

Here are some tips:

If you thought that starting a profitable dairy farm is just a walk in the park, stay tuned and you will know what the reality holds. Profits in dairy farming are derived from sales of milk and stock. Stock may be bulls or heifers.

What Do You Require To Start And Run The Most Profitable Dairy Production Farm?

The following is a list of a few requirements that you need for you to start and run dairy farming business.

  1. Land and the appropriate farm planning
  2. Labor and its management skills
  3. A ready market
  4. Capital
  5. Appropriate cattle
  6. Animal welfare and health management skills
  7. Animal feeds


4 Modern Farm Management Tips for Dairy Farming

  1. Farm Planning Tips

A well-planned farm should have buildings, fences and roads that are well sited. Such a farm is easier to manage than a poorly planned farm. Fodder flow planning is an approach that is aimed to provide the appropriate amount of feeds in the right quantities. It also seeks to provide feeds at the most affordable cost and at the right time of the year. This approach is a vital for the success of dairy farming. Part of this planning is maintenance of a fodder bank to assist the farmer get through the drought season without trouble. Getting expert assistance in farm and fodder flow planning is very essential.

  1. Animal Health and Welfare

Cows will never produce well if they are not maintained in a healthy state, free from stress. Veterinary skills and expertise are, therefore, essential. Much of this cannot be delegated being the reason to why regular visits by a veterinarian should be a must. Maintenance of good health and breeding success of your cattle will be achieved as a result of real partnership between you and the veterinarian.

  1. Animal Breeding and Genetics

You must breed animals that produce high yields in your environment. The decision-making process involved in breeding may be delegated to some extent to the AI service provider. However, you should know about the price ranges of the various sex semen available in the market. It is also important to call an adviser who will give the right and informed recommendations.

  1. Animal Nutrition

The young stock will not grow well, and neither will the cows milk well if not well fed. The interaction between the feeds, their costs and production results must be understood. The mentioned field is very technical field that you need to seek a good nutritional adviser to help you out on.

As evident from the above discussion, it’s clear that dairy farming demands more long-term management skills than much of other farming enterprises. However, much of what you need is readily available and is within your reach. Consider applying the above mentioned management tips for dairy farming and you may be surprised at how well and quickly your dairy farming soars to success.


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