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nutritional benefits of chiaThe Health Benefits of Chia and Chia Seeds are soo many to list them all here. This super-food is known to offer health solutions from simple pain relief and healing inflammations, to complex solutions like healing Diabetes Type 2, candidiasis, improving memory, revitalizing energy, among many others. This is one super food that every house hold should have on every meal in their diet.

Below are some of the health benefits of Chia.

1. Weight Loss

Chia seeds expand to over 3 times the size when they are ingested, tricking your stomach into “feeling full”. Chia seeds cut cravings for unhealthy foods by providing healthy fat that actually helps you lose weight!

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Chia Seeds have more Omega-3’s than ANY other food! These are essential fatty acids known for their effectiveness at lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure, preventing heart disease, and much more.

3. Healthy Pregnancy

Having chia seeds as a part of your diet as a pregnant mother helps to replenish depleted nutrients. In addition to restoring the body’s lost nutrients, chia seeds improve your health as a pregnant mother and boost your energy levels. Healthy for men too!

4. Keeps You Hydrated

Because of Chia’s ability to hold onto water, chia seeds help your body to maintain a balance of fluid levels and electrolytes, which are both critical to battling dehydration.

5. Healthy Hair

When Chia seeds are dried, 16% of their total weight is made up of proteins. Protein is very essential for the growth of your hair. Without these proteins, you are most likely to suffer from delayed hair growth and hair loss.

6. Slows Skin Aging

Chia seeds have lots of phytonutrients and antioxidants vital for cell and tissue regeneration. This is very important when it comes to warding off signs of aging. Chia seeds are super good for you if you have damaged or aging skin.

7. Improve Mental Health

Chia seeds have all the 9 essential amino acids that are critical to mental health. Add chia seeds to your diet and boost your cognitive performance and memory. You will also find the essential amino acids good for preventing mood swings, depression and even alzheimer’s.

8. Increased Endurance

Chia Seeds slows the process of breaking down carbohydrates into sugar causing the carbohydrates you consume to fuel you for longer periods of time. Eating chia seeds for energy can be a challenge unless you know how to prepare them in a shake or a meal.

9. Reduce Inflammation

Chia Seeds contain essential fatty acids known for their effectiveness at relieving joint pains and inflammation thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. As an added bonus, chia seed antioxidants help keep your skin healthy, young and beautiful.

10. Eat Chia Sprouts

Sprouting chia seeds increases their vitamin content and makes them even more nutritious. Just like sprouted alfalfa and mung beans, chia sprouts are a great addition to a salad.


Drink Chia Tea

The leaves, fresh or dried, make a relaxing and therapeutic tea. Chia tea has traditionally been used for fevers and pain relief, to relieve arthritis and respiratory problems, as a gargle for mouth ulcers and sore throats, and to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you want to sweeten your chia tea, use a healthy sweetener like honey or stevia.

Use Chia to Feed Birds and Animals

Feed extra chia leaves to your chicken, pigs, or other animals. These animals eat the seeds too, but if you can, keep most of the seeds for human consumption and planting next year.

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