FARM EXPERTS- An Important Asset to all Farmers

Some Farm Experts You Need in Your Farming Ventures

To realize maximum productivity in the farm, ensure you are in contact with farm experts who will provide guidelines. They are there to provide you with agricultural expertise pertaining crop or animal performance. Extensive monitoring and analysis is performed to diagnose a situation and eventually provide a remedy.

  • Soil scientists

These specialists assist in identifying suitable soil and land usage. Performance and productivity of crops is highly determined by the type of soil. There are several types of soils which include loamy, clayey and sandy soils. A soil scientist will recommend you on how well to utilize the soil in your farm.

  • Weather experts

Weather reports from meteorological departments point out the occurrence of climate variability and pattern changes. Changes in weather conditions has adversely affected the agriculture sector contributing to low yields. It is important to approach a weather expert who can provide right information for when is the most appropriate time to plant.

  • Soil samplers

Having your farm soil tested and analyzed helps determine its level of fertility. The tests assist in identifying nutrient problems, soil pH, texture and humus content. In addition, you are advised on what soil amendments to use including the right type and amount of fertilizer to apply. The information will boost yield productivity.

  • Veterinary

As a farmer practicing livestock production, you need a veterinary to maximize yields of your animals. Diseases affecting animals must be prevented or treated before getting worse. A veterinary helps in administering the right medication in the correct dosage. This is especially important if you are a dairy or a pig farmer. You need to be calling a vet occasionally for checkups.

  • Agricultural extension officers

These are officers mostly from the agricultural research centers and government institutions. When approached they can provide you with information on new crop and animal varieties suitable for your region. Again, they have information on agricultural subsidies offered by governments.

  • Botanists

Mostly, botanist will help in studying the health of crops in your farm. They will assist you in learning new planting and cultivation techniques. This also includes information on management practices to carry out which will enhance productivity.

  • Agriculturalists

These are individuals in the academic field performing researches and studies on crops and plants in general. As a farmer having a researcher around will help identify prevalent pests and diseases that affect crops lowering productivity. Use the recommendations provided to maximize productivity.

  • Agribusiness experts

These experts will give you information on the situation in the market. This will help you to identify a profitable venture and understand the market. The information they provide can help you to make that final decision on the kind of agricultural activity to carry out. It will be in accordance with the demand and supply in the market.

  • Climate change experts

Farmers are facing hard times when dealing with the phenomenon. Approaching a climate change expert will provide information on the best resistant and adaptive crops to grow in your areas. These are crops that can cope up with this challenge.

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