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I just came across this on Facebook and thought I should share. Are these statements true about this breed of chicken? Share your thoughts:


Post by Ol-Njoro Poultry Farms, Thika via Facebook

image: kienyeji.org

Why Kuroiler breed of improved kienyeji chicken is so popular world over?

1. FAST MATURITY- KUROILER Matures(Laying eggs) in 4 &1/2 Months compared to the 1Year for the Local Kienyeji Chicken.
2. EGGS PRODUCTION-KUROILER lays between 240-260eggs in one year for 2 years compared to Local Kienyeji 40-50 eggs per year
3. WEIGHT GAIN- Kuroiler Jogoos Attain 3.5 kg weight in 4 &1/2 months compared to local kienyeji that achieve 1.5-2.0 kgs after one year.
4. MEAT & EGGS QUALITY. Kuroiler meat & eggs are high quality organic products that is very tasty and comparable to the Local kienyenji products. eggs have deep yellow york that is quite tasty and in high demand and appetizing.
5. EASY FEEDING & MAINTENANCE. Kuroiler chicks are typical kienyenji chicken the scavenge in the waste and free range for food. they are low budget poultry intended to upgrade the poultry stocks for the rural poor just like the local kienyenji poultry, no special demands like the exotic breeds.
6. DISEASE RESISTANT- KUROILERS are highly resistant to diseases and perform well in different weather conditions. This breed is highly tested in Uganda and India with great results. Maturity success for baby chicks is impressive.

Do you agree with these statements? Share your thoughts below.


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