Chilli Growing in Kenya

5 Tips on How to Grow Chilli in Kenya

chilli growing in KenyaDo you want to know how to grow chilli in Kenya? If yes, this is the best place for you. We shall give you the best chilli growing tips. First and foremost, it’s good to know that you are not alone. Many Kenyans are also interested in this venture. The interest in growing chilli has risen rapidly because just as you have done, many people out there have also witnessed the rapid growth in demand for these fruits in the readily awaiting market.

  1. Chilli Seeds Preparation

Germination of chilli seeds is believed to be not that easy but if you follow the following steps, be sure of recording a very high success rate. Soak your chilli seeds in warm water overnight to increase the rate of germination. The packets of chilli that are to be soaked in a thermos flask containing the hot water should be tied around with a piece of wool or cotton. Ensure that the water in the flask has reached a temperature of around 45-48 degrees centigrade. Soak them to ensure they have swollen to the desired size.

How Are Chilli Seeds Planted?

They should be planted into small pots or into coconut husk pellets. Fill one pot per seed type 2cm below the rim. The spacing between the seeds should be good enough to prevent harming the roots when you come to remove weeds. Cover them with a layer of fine compost manure and mix it well with soil. Use separate pots for different varieties and label them to avoid confusion in future.

Propagating Chilli Seeds

For best results, keep the soil at a temperature of around 26-32 degrees centigrade. Keep the compost relatively moist. Germination takes a period of 2-4 weeks, although it can be very erratic. As a result do not be so much concerned if the seeds fail to germinate immediately or if only a few of them germinate.

Seedlings Management Tips

When seedlings start appearing, introduce ventilation to your seed tray. Ensure that the temperature does not drop too much at night because chilli is very vulnerable to extreme cold at this stage. Immediately your plant develops few leafs, start feeding them after every one week using fertilizer such as seaweed extract or chilli focus. After a period of four to six weeks after germination, chilli can be potted very carefully to avoid disturbing the roots together with any awakening germinating seed in the pot.

How to Encourage Fruits

Would you like to increase the number of chillies your plant produces? This is how to go about it. Chilli plants produce flowers and then chillies on every side stem. The more side stems your plant has, the more fruits your chilli will produce. Increase the number of side stems your chillies have to increase the number of fruits it produces.

Question is: How Do You Increase The Number Of Side Stems?

Do this by tipping your chilli onto its side after it attains a substantial size. The plant will respond by trying to grow upright hence throwing out several side stems. Once it responds this way, turn the pot around to ensure that the new side stems face downwards. The plant responds again by throwing out another series of side stems to reach out the light.

It’s worthwhile noting that chilli plants are perennial and will show more productivity in their second year than their first. Don’t be too worried when you notice that your plants have started losing leaves. Low light levels may cause chilli plants to become dormant but burst back into life again once winter comes.

The above discussion informs you on how to grow chilli in Kenya in the most cost effective way. We hope you will enjoy watching your chilli growing healthy and as a result succeeding in this venture. Good luck.


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5 Tips on How to Grow Chilli in Kenya Do you want to know how to grow chilli in Kenya? If yes, this is the best place for you. We shall give you the best chilli growing tips. First and foremost, it’s good to know that you are not alone. Many Kenyans are also interested in …

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