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Need To Transform Your Chicken Farming Into A Money- Making Venture? Here are the 4 Important Chicken Farming Tips That You Should Never Forget

Everybody loves chicken. Actually, if you go in to most homesteads, you won’t miss spotting some chicken in the compound. However, most people don’t take chicken farming seriously as a business venture. Just for home consumption. However, with a few simple tweaks, you can convert this simple venture in to a commercial money making venture.

Chicken show high productivity of meat and eggs, but this will be achieved only after you apply some well-thought chicken farming tips. This article aims to describe these tips for you to help transform your chicken farming business into a long term and highly profitable venture.

Choosing the Best Chicken Breed

Choosing a good breed is the key to success. If you are interested with the ones best for meat, get the hybrid chicken perfected by commercial breeders. The hybrid chickens put on weight within a very short time. Do you want chicken for eggs production? If yes, go for the hybrid chicken and you will be sure of collecting 300 quality eggs per year from every chicken.

It’s also recommendable that you choose a good dual purpose breed. Such breeds will give you good meat and a reasonable amount of high-quality eggs. Some of these breeds are as follows

  • Sussex- Varieties include; light, speckled and red.
  • Brahma- Varieties include; light, dark and buff
  • Wyandotte- Some of the varieties available includes; partridge, black, silver-penciled, silver laced, golden laced, Colombian, buff and white.

Buying Poultry

Buy your chicken from a reputable breeder. Before buying, pick your hens up so that you can have a look at them. If you doubt about anything, just ask, and your breeder will answer your questions and advise you accordingly. A common practice is also to buy day old chicks and rear them. If you go this direction, make sure you buy your chicks from reputable hatcheries like Muguku poultry farm and others.


Chicken kept for food production need good housing. To be honest with you, majority of these reasons are oriented towards your needs rather than to meet the needs of your chickens. For instance, if you do not provide housing, they may lay their eggs in dark enclosures where you may not find them. A house with nesting boxes and roosting perches is ideal and must be impervious to predators. Ensure that you lock your birds in the house before dark for the purpose of their security.

modern chicken cageTechnology and innovation has also brought about new kinds of chicken rearing structures. If you have some bit of capital, you can invest in some of these. I will soon be posting an image of one such kind of these structures I came across at a recent KLPA farmer’s exhibition in Thika.

Feeding Tips

  1. a) Do You Know That Chicken Need Water?

It’s obvious, and I know that you know, but if you forget, you will have to dig dipper into your pocket to pay for the losses. Deteriorating health, loss in weight and decreased eggs production are just some of the effects of lack of water for your poultry. The most saddening of all is that if you deny them water, you may wake up only to find all your birds dead.

  1. b) Can Chickens Survive Without Grit?

If you never knew, your birds may be on the most preferred diet in the world, but if they lack grit they won’t have the ability to digest their food. For best results, buy crushed oyster shell and mix it well with their diet. However, this is not necessary if your birds are free range and feed on the open ground because they can take up soil and grit.

Applying the above chicken farming tips to your poultry farming business will enable you turn your poultry farming into an actual business venture.


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