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[Video]Quit Your Job and Become A Farmer

10 Small Farm Ideas To Get You Started (from Organic Farming to Chicken & Goats) Want to quit your job and become a farmer? That is exactly what all these folks did. Are you thinking about starting a small-scale, urban or hobby farming business? Then this video has what you need to get started. 10 small farmers were interviewed to ...

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[Tutorial] How It Is Made – Milk

how milk is made

After we posted an article about the calf puller, we noticed, with amazement I must add, that a majority of people do not know how the many varieties of domestic animals give birth, or even produce what we readily consume. So, in a quick follow up, we decided to share tutorials and videos that will educate farmers and give insights ...

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[Video] Poultry Production the Professional Way

poultry farming

Just came across this poultry production video and I thought we, the Kenyan Farmers, could learn quite a lot from it. The video is quite lengthy but you will not notice it once you start watching. Quite fascinating. I hope you enjoy the video like me and learn one or two things too. Warning: There some unpleasant scenes in there…like ...

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Calf Puller – A Necessary Calving Tool

calf puller

Any cattle farmer will tell you that when it comes to calf birth, the one most stressing part is helping the mother give birth to the calf safely and as painlessly as possible. A cow, just like any other animal, has a natural way of giving birth. But just like with human beings, you need to assist the cow give ...

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For the young entrepreneurs and farmers in the field of agriculture, here are 10 great agribusiness ideas to venture into. Fish farming Rearing of fish is highly profitable. There is a huge demand for fish especially in the supermarkets and restaurants. They are a rich source of protein. Tilapia, Nile perch and catfish are the best to rear. They are ...

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Red Pepper Farming in Kenya

Pepper farming is one of the less ventured agribusiness areas in Kenya although it is well known for its high net worth in the market. In relation to fetching good money in the market one needs to know that red pepper requires specific climate conditions accompanied with very high managerial practices in order to have a profitable and quality yield. ...

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Sugar Cane Growing is a Potential Profitable Venture

Sugar is a necessary commodity in every Kenyan kitchen. Learning how to grow sugar cane to make huge profits is therefore crucial although there is a huge debate on the collapse of the sugar industry in the country. However, to bridge the gap in sugar deficit, it provides a profitable venture for good farmers. Main sugar growing areas In Kenya ...

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[Bonus Post] Health Benefits of Chia

The Health Benefits of Chia and Chia Seeds are soo many to list them all here. This super-food is known to offer health solutions from simple pain relief and healing inflammations, to complex solutions like healing Diabetes Type 2, candidiasis, improving memory, revitalizing energy, among many others. This is one super food that every house hold should have on every ...

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Chia Seeds – Growing Chia in Kenya

Chia Seeds Farming in Kenya

Chia Seeds – The Magical Super-food! Chia seeds are among the most highly rated super foods in the world. They are known to help with weight loss efforts, fighting aging on skin, mental health, and even healing of Type 2 diabetes, among many other benefits. The Chia leaves are also used to make therapeutic tea which has, over the years, ...

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Banana Farming Tips for Kenyan Farmers

Banana Farming

Getting tips on how to grow bananas will help a farmer in identifying and realizing a worthwhile agribusiness opportunity. Banana is one of the most popular fruits amongst Kenyan communities. It is also a staple food to others. They are cultivated both in small scale farming and large scale farming. Locally the market is readily available. In order to meet ...

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