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[Discussion] Kuroiler Chicken

I just came across this on Facebook and thought I should share. Are these statements true about this breed of chicken? Share your thoughts:   Post by Ol-Njoro Poultry Farms, Thika via Facebook Why Kuroiler breed of improved kienyeji chicken is so popular world over? 1. FAST MATURITY- KUROILER Matures(Laying eggs) in 4 &1/2 Months compared to the 1Year for ...

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Kari Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Kari Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Kari improved kienyeji chicken farming involves a new breed of chicken which offers better yield. Kari improved kienyeji chicken, is an indigenous breed developed by researchers who, for over a period of ten years, studied the characteristics of indigenous breeds In Kenya. The researchers came up with a breed that produces more eggs and meat and can be reared all ...

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[Video] Poultry Production the Professional Way

poultry farming

Just came across this poultry production video and I thought we, the Kenyan Farmers, could learn quite a lot from it. The video is quite lengthy but you will not notice it once you start watching. Quite fascinating. I hope you enjoy the video like me and learn one or two things too. Warning: There some unpleasant scenes in there…like ...

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Chicken Farming in Kenya

chicken farming in Kenya

Need To Transform Your Chicken Farming Into A Money- Making Venture? Here are the 4 Important Chicken Farming Tips That You Should Never Forget Everybody loves chicken. Actually, if you go in to most homesteads, you won’t miss spotting some chicken in the compound. However, most people don’t take chicken farming seriously as a business venture. Just for home consumption. ...

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