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Chia FAQs Q1) What is the best soil to grow chia in? Chia grows in almost any soil. Its a hardy plant that can do well just about anywhere, as long as there is some little water to get the seeds sprouting. However, use organic manure to get the best produce. Q2) Does it require heavy rainfall? No. Chia requires ...

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[Bonus Post] Health Benefits of Chia

The Health Benefits of Chia and Chia Seeds are soo many to list them all here. This super-food is known to offer health solutions from simple pain relief and healing inflammations, to complex solutions like healing Diabetes Type 2, candidiasis, improving memory, revitalizing energy, among many others. This is one super food that every house hold should have on every ...

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Chia Seeds – Growing Chia in Kenya

Chia Seeds Farming in Kenya

Chia Seeds – The Magical Super-food! Chia seeds are among the most highly rated super foods in the world. They are known to help with weight loss efforts, fighting aging on skin, mental health, and even healing of Type 2 diabetes, among many other benefits. The Chia leaves are also used to make therapeutic tea which has, over the years, ...

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