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FARM EXPERTS- An Important Asset to all Farmers

Some Farm Experts You Need in Your Farming Ventures To realize maximum productivity in the farm, ensure you are in contact with farm experts who will provide guidelines. They are there to provide you with agricultural expertise pertaining crop or animal performance. Extensive monitoring and analysis is performed to diagnose a situation and eventually provide a remedy. Soil scientists These ...

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[Video] Pig Farming

pig farming in Kenya

Pig farming | Jeniffer is one wonderful young lady. Kenyan Farmer visited her pig farm and we were amazed at what she’s doing. We actually saw the largest pig any one of us had ever seen on her farm. Citizen TV also had a visit prior to ours. See her story here: If you would like to learn more about ...

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Advanced Dairy Cattle Zero Grazing Techniques Video

Advanced zero grazing

Hey Kenyan Farmer, now this is one thing I would so much love to see happening in Kenya…it’s an almost automated way of rearing dairy cattle on zero grazing. I believe this is what would make the utmost success story in dairy farming. Just watch the video and comment accordingly. Share this post with other farmers and friends too. Lets ...

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