[Video]Quit Your Job and Become A Farmer

10 Small Farm Ideas To Get You Started (from Organic Farming to Chicken & Goats) Want to quit your job and become a farmer? That is exactly what all these folks did. Are you thinking about starting a small-scale, urban or hobby farming business? Then this video has what you need to get started. 10 small farmers were interviewed to ...

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Tips for Aquaponics Farming in Kenya


Aquaponics farming involves rearing of aquatic animals and growing plants in the same space. The system provides will go a long way to ensuring agricultural sustainability. It tends to maximize space and conserve water through recycling. Again reduces use of inorganic fertilizer promoting organic farming. Functionality of the system is; the fish provides organic manure to plants likewise the plants ...

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Aquaponic Poultry

Aquaponic Poultry

Aquaponic poultry farming is an integrated farming method where you rear fish, poultry and have hydroponic plants all in one structure. These plants and animals depend on each other such that you minimize on cost of feeds to almost zero while maximizing on the output. You also use very little water to run the entire system. In the aquaponic poultry ...

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