Black Seed Farming in Kenya

black seedsBlack seeds (Nigella sativa), also referred to as black cumin, or ḥabbatu l-barakah, or black caraway, among many other names, is an annual flowering herb. It is, in some quarters, referred to as the miracle cure which can cure any illness except death.

This magical plant is said to help with treating very many conditions, diseases and illnesses; from cancers and tumors, to chest congestion & asthma, cardiovascular diseases, coughs, diabetes, diarrhea, ear ache, eye diseases, gall stones and even helping with beard growth, treating hair loss, radiant face and treating bee and wasp stings, among many other conditions and sicknesses.

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Due to this reputation as a super food, it is highly sought after, and any serious farmer should have it in their farm for own consumption, as well as for sale.

Black seed farming tips

Nigella sativa


Being a hardy plant, Nigella sativa is relatively easy to grow, only requiring very minimal care. It can grow in a variety of conditions, making it a perfect plant of choice for a beginner farmer.

All you need is to have the seeds put in a bed. These start sprouting in about 14 days.  You can then transplant them in to your well prepared farm within 5-7 weeks.

You will need very little watering, and only if there’s a dry spell. Also ensure no weeds outplay the plant to maximize on the yields.

There will be no need for pesticides, and if need be, you can apply organic manure to help with the growth of a strong plant.

The plant grows to about a maximum of 45cm (1.46 feet) in height. Upon maturity, it produces a bloom which then fades off giving way to a very ornamental seedpod.

As soon as the seed pod turns brown, simply pluck it off from the plant and store it to dry completely. Then carefully crack it open to remove the hundreds of small seeds inside.

Store these seeds in a cool dry place and you can store them for many months.

buy black seeds in kenya

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How to use black seeds:

  • You can eat the black seeds plain
  • You can also eat a teaspoon of black seed mixed with honey
  • Another option is to boil black seed with water, or you can heat black seeds and warm milk until it just begins to boil. Then consume these components.
  • Don’t like chewing hard seeds? You can grind the black seeds and swallow them with water or milk.
  • Another nice option is to sprinkle them on bread and pastries.
  • And if you like a sweet smelling house, simply burn the black seed with bukhoor (incense) for a pleasant scent.


Did you know that you can also use black seeds oil instead of the black seeds? The oil, which is extracted from the same seeds, is an awesome addition to your medical cabinet at home. It’s not really medicine, but it helps heal a gazillion diseases and ailments.

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It is very important to make sure that the black seed oil you buy is from a quality source and is preferably:

  • Organic
  • Pure pressed without chemical extraction
  • Contains no additives or diluting oils
  • Protected from rancidity by high quality light and air protective glass

Do not just buy from any source. Poor extraction process can lead to more harm than good for you if you consume it.


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Specifics on How to Use Black Seed and Black Seed Oil

black seed farming in kenya



Black Seeds Farming and Use in Kenya



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