Aquaponic Poultry

aquaponic-poultry1Aquaponic poultry farming is an integrated farming method where you rear fish, poultry and have hydroponic plants all in one structure. These plants and animals depend on each other such that you minimize on cost of feeds to almost zero while maximizing on the output. You also use very little water to run the entire system.

In the aquaponic poultry structure system, the chicken feed the fish and the plants with their dropping. The fish also feed the plants with their excretory products. The plants purify the water for the fish too. Basically, this is a self sustaining structure, which if well set up, can easily provide for a large family while also bringing in a substantial income.

Setting this structure requires very little space and the costs are also very modest compared to the returns expected.

If you would like to set up this structure in your farm, get in touch with us for more details, a price quote and/or a farm visit to see the structure in action.

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