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advertise on kenyan farmer websiteKenyan Farmer Website is a highly targeted website whose audience is the farmers across Kenya. Our farmers’ audience includes small scale farmers, large scale farmers and the people who supply or use the various farm inputs and outputs.

If this is the group of people you want to reach, then you won’t go wrong by advertising with Kenyan Farmer.

Advertising Options

In order to reach this audience effectively, we have a number of advertising options on this website.

  1. You can buy advertising space on the website. This space can be on the side bars, within the content pages, below content posts, or at the designated advertising sections near the website header.
  2. You can have a feature article on the website. With this option, you simply create an article write-up of between 250-3000 words and we will publish it on the website. This article should talk about your company, the products/services you have for the farmers, and the benefits of using those services. Basically, the article should tell the farmer more about you with some matching call to actions including contact details. The article may also have a link back to your own website. (Note: We reserve the right to edit this article to match our publishing style while still retaining its powerful message. Should we go this direction, we will notify you appropriately before publishing it for your approval. We can also write the article feature for you at an added cost.).
  3. You can advertise via our email marketing system. We strive to create and grow an active and responsive email list from our website visitors. This is done through a carefully crafted email newsletter subscription. With this advertising package, we will send your message or offer to our email list which is bound to elicit some instance responses. This is a perfect way to get quick results for your offer if it is good.
  4. Other Advertising Options. Besides advertising directly from the website, you can also advertise your products or services via our Facebook page, Facebook group, Whatsup Group and via our bulk SMS system.

For more information about each of these advertising options on Kenyan Farmer, please get in touch with us.

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Some Tips to Help You Write a Compelling Ad Copy That Drives Results:

  1. Be Newsworthy

Website visitors on Kenyan Farmer say that the advertisements on the website are as important to them as the other useful content on the site. This is why most website visitors on our site seek out good advertising on the site. You will be amazed at the kind of response you get if you have a good ad on our website that makes news.

  1. Grab Attention

The ad you create should stop the web page visitor from scrolling over to the next page. When preparing your ad, work like a good salesman; start by informing your potential client/customer on what the product is and what it will do for them. While at it, build an idea or a concept around the ad that helps the potential customer to instantly recognize what is being communicated.

  1. Promote your brand, product and/or business name

The best way to do this is to have a visual representation of your product/brand/business name. This not only helps the potential customer to remember what they saw, but to also recognize your products out there when they see them.

  1. Be concise

There is need to speak to a specific group of people. In our case, you need to know whether you are talking to the farmer or the consumer of the farming produce. Have a simple, clear and direct message for them.

  1. Be factual

Provide facts about your product/service. However, be careful not to use too much information as this ends up confusing the reader of your ad. Use just enough of these facts to arouse interest.

  1. Simplify

Make sure that your message is simple, clear and believable. This is the best way to convey it easily. While at it, ALWAYS remember who the customer is and what makes them buy.

  1. Promote solutions to customer needs

Finally, remember that your customers need your products. Address that need. People need transportation; they therefore desire a BMW. If they need clothing, they desire designer wear. Get the drift? Target the need and offer the solution.

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