Kenyan Farmer is a farmer’s information platform where you, the farmer, can learn more about the various aspects of farming in an in-depth manner while also getting a chance to participate in educating others. You get to ask your pressing questions, raise your farming related concerns, assist others with advice on farming where you have succeeded, read other farmers success stories and even share on the different types of farming and farming methods.

While at it, you will also learn what is hot and profitable in the farming industry through regular updates. You also get to know where you can get financing for your farming activities, where to get the farm inputs that you need affordably and even on credit, the best farm insurance policies and where to get them and the latest technologies that can help you succeed even more with your farming ventures.

To top it all, this platform offers you an avenue to market your products, your farm related real estate (like farm land and farm structures), and share your expertise and experiences with other interested farmers. In a nutshell, this website aims at giving you all the answers you need to be a successful farmer. Below is a brief breakdown of the areas we will engage you in and discuss on this website.

Farmers Issues and Problems

There are many problems and challenges that farmers encounter in their yearn to make more quality produce and in large quantities. This ranges from cost of input items, to diseases, locating good sources of farm inputs, finding the right markets for their products and so on. We will be discussing these issues and problems in this section.

Farming Success Stories

There are quite a number of farmers who have ventured in to unique types of farming, or the common farming types and have succeeded wildly. We will share these success stories with you in this section. While at it, we will make it possible for you to learn from these successful farmers first hand through custom tailored visits to their farms.

Farming Methods

Before you become a successful farmer, you need to have the right information to do things right. You need to learn more about the farming methods that you want to employ in your farm for maximum produce. This section is dedicated to enlightening you on this area of farming methods. We will look at the various agricultural products from flower farming, to fish, dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, horse, rabbits, poultry, sugarcane, fruits, cereals, watermelons, coffee, tea, bananas, barley, lettuce, carrots, tobacco, potatoes (Irish and sweet), arrow roots, cauliflower, and many others. We will also look at various ways of growing and rearing these different items including hydroponics and irrigation techniques.

Farming Machinery &Technologies

It goes without saying that in the current world, you need to employ the latest technologies in farming to boost your yields and productivity. These technologies also help with farm management, record keeping, and market research. This section got all that covered. At the same time, we will look at food processing and how to add value to your farm produce for a better market share and better return on investment.

Farm Structures

It is important to learn how to build the right farm structures to ensure that your crops and livestock are stored or raised in the best environment for increased yields and returns. In this section, we examine some of the farm structures; give details and measurements, and even go ahead to recommend the best people or companies to work with when sourcing for farm structure equipment, labor and expertise.

Farm Produce Markets

Nothing beats finding the best market for your farm produce before you harvest it or even before you invest in it. We will explore the best markets for the different types of farm outputs and even recommend the best places to get up-to-date market information for the same.

Farming Related Events

In our quest to succeed as farmers, we need to learn from others. We can learn from other farmers who have succeeded in their farming ventures, or we can learn from experts and professionals who work closely with farmers to ensure their success. In line with this, we will be alerting you, the farmer, of any farming and agricultural related event that is happening near you. We also hope to soon be able to consolidate farmers together so that they can have regular forums to sit down and discuss, evaluate and share ideas on farming.

Farming Financing

Farming, like any other business, may require some funding for it to go according to plan. We will feature banking institutions and other organizations that sponsor, give grants or fund farmers so that they can get started with their agricultural ventures; the people and institutions that help you get to where you want to be sooner and faster.

Farming Real Estate

Are you selling your land or farm products, including livestock, seedlings, harvests and even biogas, among others? Do you sell farm machinery and other farm input items? This section will be dedicated to bringing this forth to the farmers’ audience. This will be more like a marketplace for you to sell what you have to the other members of this forum.

Farming Investment Opportunities

Some people want to venture in to farming. However, they have no idea where to start. In this section, we will delve in the many investment opportunities and options that are there for farmers in Kenya.

Farm Records

This section is for farm record templates, record keeping best practices, how to track your farm production progress and other related areas with regard to having great records of your farm activities that help you know whether you are making profits or not, and that you can even use when requesting for funding from the various financial institutions.

Farm Supplies

Want to know where to buy the best seeds, fertilizer, artificial insemination, farm tools and equipment? This is the place. We will invite various farm input suppliers to explain their products to the farmers so that you can know whether this is the supply you need or not, as well as where to get it.

Farm Related Challenges

Besides facing diseases and pests, there are also other factors that affect farming. These include climate, soil structures, hostile political environment, poor seeds and even wildlife invasions among other challenges. In this section, we will share these challenges and explore possible solutions to them.

Farm Insurance

The worst thing that can happen to a farmer is the abrupt loss of all his farm produce due to unavoidable circumstances. A fire, sudden drought, theft or even disease can lead to poor produce or none at all. This is why you need to secure your investment from such losses via a comprehensive insurance policy. We will explore the options, looking at the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed insurance coverage decision.

Farming Resources – help forums online and offline (FB, Whatsapp and Local Offices)

Finally, you need to network and connect with like minded people; other farmers. You also need to know where to go to for further reading, answers to your questions, consultations and more information, either online or offline. This section will cover the resources you need as a farmer to succeed.

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