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Superfoods FAQs

Nigella sativa

Chia FAQs Q1) What is the best soil to grow chia in? Chia grows in almost any soil. Its a hardy plant that can do well just about anywhere, as long as there is some little water to get the seeds sprouting. However, use organic manure to get the best produce. Q2) Does it require heavy rainfall? No. Chia requires ...

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[Discussion] Kuroiler Chicken

I just came across this on Facebook and thought I should share. Are these statements true about this breed of chicken? Share your thoughts:   Post by Ol-Njoro Poultry Farms, Thika via Facebook Why Kuroiler breed of improved kienyeji chicken is so popular world over? 1. FAST MATURITY- KUROILER Matures(Laying eggs) in 4 &1/2 Months compared to the 1Year for ...

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