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Arrow Roots Farming in Kenya

arrow roots farming in kenya

Arrow roots – It is now possible to grow arrow roots away from river beds Arrowroot is a traditional food in many cultures found in Kenya. The crop has been cultivated for a long time by small scale farmers who grew it to provide food for their families. Recently, arrow roots has seen a tremendous increase in demand in the ...

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Maize Farming in Kenya

Large scale and small scale maize farming. Maize is a common grain among Kenyans. It is a staple food for most of the communities. Maize originated from America where it was planted by the Indians. The grain was introduced in Kenya by the Portuguese. Maize is the most extensively cultivated grain in our country presently. In Kenya, the chief areas ...

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[VIDEO] Sweet Potatoes Harvesting and Canning

sweet potatoes farming in Kenya

In the previous sweet potatoes farming article, we talked about planting sweet potatoes. On this video post, we share some awesome videos on how to harvest sweet potatoes as well as how to store for long periods and prepare them for the market. Video 1: How to Harvest and Store Sweet Potatoes Video 2: How to Pressure Can Sweet Potatoes

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Sheep Rearing Tips – Sheep Farming in Kenya

sheep rearing

Some Sheep Rearing Tips for You In Kenya sheep farming has been practiced for a very long time particularly by the pastoralist communities in the N. Eastern region and the Masaai community. This has been a custom in the mentioned communities. They practiced a mixed method of farming which included cattle, goats and even camels. The animals used to supplement ...

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Cabbage Farming Tips in Kenya

cabbage farming in Kenya

How to Grow Cabbages in Kenya Cabbage (Brassica oleraceae) is one of the most common vegetable in the Kenyan table. It’s an all season vegetable always in the market all year round. There’s always a high demand for the cabbages in the Kenyan market. Farmers have, for a long time, grown cabbages in their small farms. Growing cabbages which has ...

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[VIDEO] Rabbits Farming Tips in Kiswahili

Interested in learning how to rear rabbits for home use as well as for commercial purposes? Well, watch this awesome rabbits farming tips video narrated in Kiswahili . Click the image below to play the video. (Source: You can also watch the same video with English narrations here: If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends ...

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Irish Potato Farming Tips in Kenya

Irish potatoes are starchy tuber crops which are mainly grown in cool highland areas as food crops as well as a staple food in some regions. Potatoes are world’s most widely grown tuber crop and the fourth largest crops in terms of fresh produce. Irish potatoes occur in six varieties which are Irish cobbler, viking which is a red skinned ...

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