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Biogas Production plus Some 7 Benefits Of Using Biogas


What is Biogas? The term biogas refers to a gas which is produced by the biological breakdown of non-living materials in the absence of oxygen. With little clean up, this gas can be used to produce heat and electricity. Would you like to know the contents of biogas? Biogas contains 50-80 percent methane and 20-50 percent carbon dioxide. It also ...

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Event Alert – KLPA Nyahururu

KLPA & Laikipia County Government invites all farmers to a farmers exhibition to be held at Nyahururu Stadium on  Friday the 27th & Sat. 28th of March, 2015. If you are anywhere near Nyahururu, this is an event you should not miss.

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Ornamental Fish Farming

ornamental fish farming in Kenya

The 4 Most Recommended and Highly Successful Tips for Achieving The Most Lucrative Ornamental fish farming. Did you know that Ornamental fish farming has become one of the most profitable business ventures in the world? The world’s consumption of ornamental fishes has significantly developed over time, making this trade to be one of the most profitable fish farming business. The ...

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How to Make Silage

how to make silage

5 Awesome Tips on How to Make Silage for Your Farm Animals Silage is high moisture fermented fodder which is stored and ready to be fed to the cud-chewing animals such as goats, cattle and sheep. During summer, non-availability of fresh fodder becomes an overwhelming problem. Silage comes in to rescue the troubled farmer during such situations. In this post, ...

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Advanced Dairy Cattle Zero Grazing Techniques Video

Advanced zero grazing

Hey Kenyan Farmer, now this is one thing I would so much love to see happening in Kenya…it’s an almost automated way of rearing dairy cattle on zero grazing. I believe this is what would make the utmost success story in dairy farming. Just watch the video and comment accordingly. Share this post with other farmers and friends too. Lets ...

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Rabbit Farming in Kenya

Rabbit Rearing in Kenya

A Simple Step By Step Guide to Rabbit Farming In Kenya Have you ever asked yourself whether rabbit farming in Kenya is a sustainable business venture you can invest in? Rabbit farming has grown tremendously in the recent years and has consequently become a source of livelihood for many households. Butcheries, supermarkets and other meat dealers are now stocking rabbit ...

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Hydroponic Farming in Kenya

hydroponics farming in Kenya

4 Highly Valuable Tips to Starting a Successful Hydroponic Farm Structure Would you like to start hydroponics farming? Or do you already practice hydroponics farming but not satisfied with the results of your venture? This article explains to you some of the tips to starting a successful hydroponic farm structure. If you have not come across hydroponics, you may wonder ...

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How to Start a Dairy Farm in Kenya

dairy cattle farming in Kenya

Management Tips for Dairy Farming That Will Transform Your Dairy Farming Venture Into a Highly Successful Business Have you ever asked yourself why the demand for milk in Kenya is so high? If you didn’t know, Kenyans are some of the highest consumers of milk in the continent. Dairy production is therefore, a profitable venture in the country. This article ...

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Chilli Growing in Kenya

chilli growing in Kenya

5 Tips on How to Grow Chilli in Kenya Do you want to know how to grow chilli in Kenya? If yes, this is the best place for you. We shall give you the best chilli growing tips. First and foremost, it’s good to know that you are not alone. Many Kenyans are also interested in this venture. The interest in ...

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