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Pilipili Hoho Capsicum Farming in Kenya


5 Capsicum Farming Tips that Help Transform Pilipili Hoho Farming in to a Profitable Business If you are one of the farmers interested in growing capsicums, here are the best capsicums farming tips that will allow you realize maximum profits for your efforts. Capsicums, also referred to as bell peppers (local name “pilipili hoho”), are members of the nightshade family Solanaceae. ...

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Watermelon Farming Tips in Kenya

watermelon farming in kenya

6 Awesome Watermelon Farming Tips in Kenya That Will Transform your Watermelon Farming Adventure into a Very Lucrative Business. If you desire to grow watermelons in Kenya, you will need to have vast knowledge of how to go about it. This article is aimed at describing the various watermelon farming tips in Kenya. Applying these tips in your farming will ...

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Onion Farming in Kenya

Onion Farming in Kenya

7 Modern Onion Farming Tips in Kenya Onion farming is rising in popularity in Kenya because it is very affordable to start and run. This kind of agriculture has high returns. Again, onion farming can be done comfortably in greenhouses and open gardens. For you to succeed as an onion farmer, you have to apply various onion farming tips. These ...

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Fish Farming Tips in Kenya

fish farming in Kenya

Want to Take Fish Farming as a Business Venture? Here are Some Awesome Fish Farming Tips that You Can Use Commercial fish farming in Kenya has been a great business idea especially for farmers who put into practice some of the following fish farming tips. The country is endowed with a good number of aquatic resources with successful aquaculture potentials. ...

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Cabbage Farming in Kenya

cabbage farming in Kenya

Cabbage Farming Tips – Become A Successful Cabbage Farmer Cabbage is one of the all-season vegetable that never lacks a market. Regardless of the time of the year you produce it, you will find a heavy demand for it with the only downside being the varying sale price. Cabbage is also easy to grow and delicious to eat for a ...

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Pig Farming in Kenya

pig farming in Kenya

Looking for a Simple Yet Lucrative Farming Business Opportunity? Then Consider Pig Farming in Kenya. There are many business opportunities around, but Pig farming in Kenya must be one of the most extremely profitable Agri- business venture. Entrepreneurs who started this business earlier are now making a lot of money every month and, believe it or not, some are making ...

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