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Beef Cattle Farming in Kenya

beef cattle farming in Kenya

One very lucrative, yet highly overlooked source of good farming income is beef farming. Most people consider dairy farming but never give a thought to this option which is less involving and equally profitable. On this post, we will discuss this cattle farming option and who knows, you might just change your mind :). Want to Realize Massive Beef Production? ...

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Sweet Potatoes Farming in Kenya

sweet potatoes farming in Kenya

Thanks to the rising costs of bread and cake, most Kenyan families are now turning back to eating the traditional very healthy breakfast options. This includes sweet potatoes; it is one of the leading factors to the huge and still rising demand for sweet potatoes mostly in the urban areas. Investing in sweet potatoes farming in Kenya can make you ...

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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

One of the biggest challenges farmers go through is the lack of water when they need it. In Kenya, the weather can be sporadic meaning that  one has to learn how to harvest any water that they come across. The video on this page demonstrates how you can successfully harvest rain water. Please watch it and leave a comment below.

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